Message to Muslims all over the world - الويب الإسلامي

الدعاء المستجاب الرقية الشرعية The Holy Quran الرزق والزواج وتيسير الامور علاج وشفاء التداوي بالقران الكريم

الخميس، 6 فبراير 2014

Message to Muslims all over the world

In the name of God the Merciful
Praise be to God always , " and never " In every time and all the while
There is no God but Allah, the Almighty one Sunday Samad , who begets not and did not have longer " Maken number one and number of the universe and the number of movements and the number of sleep
O Allah, bless Muhammad and the Muhammad as the original Ibrahim Al Ibrahim and God bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad as you blessed Ibrahim Al Ibrahim and you Hamid Majid
We thank God and seek His help and trust in him
I wish to inform this message for every Muslim man and woman on the face of the earth in the time of deployment of technology and social networking sites and internet penetration significantly and dense note that a large section of the Muslim men and women use it heavily and use it in ways that are ignorant of the consequences Thread different I would like to draw your attention to several points are very important : "I wish and I hope to read them carefully and fully observing severe God bless us all the best and good work in favor of God, and the words of Secretary
The first point 1_ is that there are a large number almost " uses phrases insults , slander, insult and cursing either for a political issue or the subject of an athlete or the subject of cultural or other ... etc. and therefore must Mlajzh you committed a great sin as a Muslim and record yourself counter records the disadvantage of going , God forbid, abusive insults and bad and ugly words and ugly Alkalamat and foulness of the tongue , and this is not one of the attributes recognized whatever your opponent and whatever Nqadk which they negotiate or discuss or differ with the opinion or to speak or religion or logic or anything and this is something very serious , " very " very " should pay attention to him gingerly cause harm remains bad for years and years and read thousands or millions of people , and this article is retracted all obscene and bad and saucy May God guide you and us and you are for good and righteousness and piety and tender .
The second point 2 _ is a very important point " is the subject of the pictures and videos that Tdonha pages or different websites , forums and talks, including photos published obscene or video publishing obscene or anything offensive intentionally or unintentionally and therefore then you are recording yourself , God forbid counter disadvantages ongoing replace the work of the best and counter the advantages of going , God willing it will be better for you in this life and the afterlife , God willing .
The third point 3 _ spread utter the word infidel , God forbid among a section of people between each other for just a difference of opinion and different words and this great sin was Abu by one God forbid Vantbho and you have patience and good words God be merciful nation Muhammad peace be upon him mercy General and forgive the nation of Muhammad , peace upon him the forgiveness of the public.
The fourth point 4_ busy section of people to prove that the rest of humanity in the fire they are the only ones in heaven , God forbid , this risk of error , it is the most important and the first that is busy every human action in favor of and ongoing charity and the words good to prove to himself that , God willing, to enter heaven all, " God willing .
The fifth point 5_ love of money and submit it to forget everything and a section of the people all of the orders of religion when it comes to money and start lying and ploys , hatred , envy, hatred and fear Allah at his ear all the good God Almighty .
The sixth point 6 _ the spread of interpretation and the interpretation of the Koran every whim is incomplete and this risk Obey God and speak " lucid " and did not know and do not know the silence Vlaltzm good and good to say it is better , God willing .
Seventh point 7 _ the spread of injustice and grievances Abdo yourselves and Bgarkm cold grievances to the people and to its people and repent to God Almighty , even if injustice word or say or do or the right material Opining grievances and rights of its people , and multiply, of pray for the nation well and good words .
8 _ eighth point prevalence pray hatred and loathing , but something very distasteful " and do not accept self- claimed to be guided and forgiveness for the nation of Muhammad peace be upon him , and was a non-Muslim claimed God to guide him to Islam and gave the right picture about Islam .
May God for good and good for us and God forgive us and you and Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah Muhammad peace be upon him

مواضيع قد تهمك